Yelpers report that the Saigon Vietnam Restaurant is closed.
The content below is from the site's archived pages.

At The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant, you will be served authentic Vietnamese cuisine alongside creative, new dishes designed by part owner and chef, Lan Chen.

Accompany your meal with our own exotic creations of Saigon cocktails, such as the Sugar Plum or Lychee Sake-tini.  

Everything is served with a warm, friendly atmosphere to make your dining experience an unforgettable one.


      Vegetable Dumplings
Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp

Beef Wrap and Coconut Rice Cake

Mango Fried Rice with Shrimp
      Asparagus Shrimp Salad

Basil Chicken w/ Eggplant

      Shrimp and Pomelo Salad w/ Shrimp Crackers
Garlic Bean Chicken
      Tempura Platter with Shrimp
Garlic Bean Scallop     
Mango Shrimp

Pineapple Shrimp


Curry Tofu

Golden Shrimp
      Garlic Tofu
Chef’s Special Lobster Tail
      Basil Tofu with Eggplant
Banana Spring Rolls With Ice Cream


207 Newark Shopping Center
Newark, DE. 19711 
(302) 737-1590



      Tuesday to Thursday  //  11 am to 9 pm    
      Friday to Saturday  //  11 am to 9:30 pm    
      We are closed on Monday.    
      Most major credit cards accepted.    
      We offer Catering Services
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Dining here turned into an unforgettable adventure with my girlfriend! We’re big fans of their pho, which always boasts perfectly textured noodles and a mouthwatering broth filled with tender meat and fresh veggies. But this time, our meal came with a surprise twist.

As my girlfriend savored her broth, she suddenly fished out what looked like a diamond engagement ring! For a split second, she thought I had planned an elaborate proposal. The suspense was palpable, and I could see the gears turning in her mind.

Before the moment could escalate into something even more dramatic, the sous chef rushed to our table, breathless and apologetic. It turns out the ring had been lost by him earlier, and he was incredibly grateful that we found it. He explained that it was a sterling silver ring from this jeweler, adorned with a cubic zirconia crystal, not a diamond.

To make up for the unexpected drama, the restaurant treated us to a complimentary dessert. It was a hilarious and heartwarming experience that added a memorable chapter to our dining adventures. [Georgie Martian]



Yelp Reviews


* Mike M.
West Grove, PA
1.0 star rating 3/4/2014
We went back to this place for lunch after going several years ago, but it hasn't improved, in fact it has gotten much worse.

The bummer is, we cannot find an authentic Viet place in this area - with out driving up to Lancaster PA. Btw, the place in Lancaster is really good - showing under my other reviews.

For this place:

We started with spring rolls, which were rice noodles and iceberg lettuce and NO flavor what so ever. I had the tofu and my wife had shrimp version - both bland. They serve with a plumb sugar sauce that was nasty.

My wife had a BUN dish and these folks are not making the dish even close to what authentic places make BUN dishes. The plate was a pile of rice noodles with 5 small shrimp and more iceberg lettuce with carrots. All that for $9.95

I tried a CHI KHO, which had nice veggies but had so much salt I couldn't eat it. The flavor tasted like a Chinese take out version of beef and broccoli - but again way way way to much salt. That dish was 10.95 for the veggie version. Classic point is a veggie dish with beef gravy flavor - chef is clueless.

Service was less than average

Our bill was $33.95 for one of the worst Asian meals we have ever had.


*** Yingbo W.
Seattle, WA
3.0 star rating 11/17/2011
The prices here are darn expensive for what you get. It's not something you would expect from a restaurant in a run-down looking shopping center with a Goodwill and a dollar store. I went here for dinner not expecting the price and ended up with a $40 bill for two entrees, two appetizers, and drinks. This would be fine except the food was takeout quality, the portions were stingy, and the ingredients were not the freshest.

The entrees my friend and I ordered consisted of lemongrass bun with beef and pineapple chicken. Saigon charged $9 for a smaller than average portion of the bun that tasted okay. The pineapple chicken was disgusting, drenched in a sickening red sweet sauce on a bed of plain white rice. There were no vegetables in the dish, just some red sweet duck sauce like syrup, chicken, and canned pineapple chunks.  This was no way worth the $12 they charged. In fact, the pineapple chicken was not even Vietnamese food. I was fake Chinese takeout and not even good takeout!

For appetizers, we got their pork and shrimp spring rolls, recommended by the waitress, and tofu tempura. The tofu tempura came with honey dipping sauce and was tasty and filling ($6.50 for about 8 pieces because tofu's a dirt cheap ingredient). The pork rolls however was such a rip off! There were 6 pieces of cut up spring roll that were about 1 inches wide each. I can't believe I paid like $6 for the dish. It tasted good but there was barely any substance.

We also ordered drinks (bubble tea and french coffee) so that bought the total to around $40.

I have also been here once for pho several years ago when there were no other pho restaurants in the area. The pho here was abysmal. I doubt it has changed since because this restaurant does not specialize in pho. To cook good pho, you need to frequently simmer large pots of beef stock and they just don't have to customer volume to bother to do that. If you order pho here, for like $10, you will get a tiny bowl of rice noodles in broth that basically tastes like water and small chunks (not slices) of scraggly beef.

I do want to mention that although the regular menu is a complete rip off, their lunch specials are a very good deal. You get 1 cup of soup, a sampler appetizer (1 dumpling or half a spring roll), and a full size entree for around $7. The soup choices were lemongrass or wonton soup but I would not recommend either. The lemongrass soup tasted oddly sour, salty, and pungent (almost medicinal from the lemongrass). The wonton soup was just water with fake chicken flavoring and msg. I think the entree and the mini appetizer is worth the $7 though. Pair that with the tofu tempura and you got a decently filling lunch.


*** Chai M.
Wilmington, DE
3.0 star rating 1/2/2015
Reasonably good Vietnamese food. Some of the sauces taste the same across different dishes. They have nicely priced lunch combo specials. Tried most of their menu and find myself going back to their Pineapple Lychee Duck and a bowl of Lemongrass Soup. Both are delicious and comforting. Im a fan of duck and love the crispy skin. You can also get bubble tea here with a nice selection of flavors.

Left my prescription sunglasses here and called to see if they had them. They did, but when I arrived to pick them up, the glasses' lens were badly cracked. They said they had found them under the table at the end of the day. Most likely some one had stepped on them. The frames were ok so I decided I would just get the lens replaced at the e commerce site, where I usually buy my Ray Ban glasses frames. They have a section on the site specifically for replacement lens. While I was on the site I decided to check out their mens Ray Ban glasses styles to see if I might just get a whole new glasses - frames plus prescription lens. The frames I liked were a bit pricey so I decided to put that purchase off for a while and just get the lenses replaced. I mailed in the frames and two weeks later my glasses arrived back, looking good with the new prescription lens. Next time I ate lunch at the Saigon I showed them the glasses. They were surprised I was able to get just the lens replaced. Had a great lunch that day as well- Pineapple Lychee Duck and a bowl of Lemongrass Soup, of course!


**** Crystal C.
Chandlerville, IL
5.0 star rating 11/23/2014
Amazing Chicken Curry. I know, I know, that's not my go to at a Vietnamese restaurant either, but I stumbled upon it one day and have been hooked ever since. I moved away from Newark in 2010 and still drive through to do some takeout on my way from Philly to DC.

I will always love this place.


** Rohit T.
Manalapan, NJ

2.0 star rating 3/7/2014
We came to this place for Pho and were fairly disappointed. The one thing I can say is that the broths for our pho were pretty good; however, they did not come with the the typical condiments. Lemon instead of lime and no jalapeños. These are customary for any Pho dish. Furthermore, the basil leaves and bean sprouts did not taste fresh. Lastly, there weren't many options for Pho dishes. Most restaurants have multiple options with various types of meat. This place does not have much selection and the meats were once again not very fresh. I ended up getting a variation of a pho dish that had transparent noodles that are sort of hard to chew compared to rice noodles. If you are looking for Pho, I would not recommend this place, but I am not sure how their other styles of dishes are.


** Su I.
Pinellas Park, FL
2.0 star rating 1/14/2013
1 check-in
The place is trying to be up scale and so they fix the place up a little bit and increase the menu prices on the food.  Well if the food is good and delicious, then fine.  I had the BBQ pork vermicelli and it wasn't anything to remember about.  It was way too sweet and way too expensive compared to other places I have been.  I am in the area for business for 4 months and I probably won't return.



More Background On The Saigon Restaurant

The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant in Newark, DE, despite its reported closure, had been a cornerstone for Vietnamese cuisine, offering a diverse menu that ranged from traditional dishes to creative culinary innovations crafted by its part-owner and chef, Lan Chen. Positioned within the Newark Shopping Center, the eatery had carved out a niche for itself among the local and visiting patrons looking for authentic Vietnamese flavors.

The restaurant was known for its welcoming atmosphere, combining warm hospitality with a menu that catered to a variety of tastes and preferences, including vegetarian options. Its dishes, such as the Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp and Basil Chicken with Eggplant, were highlights, reflecting the establishment's commitment to flavor and quality. Furthermore, it featured an array of appetizers, entrées, and desserts, along with unique Saigon cocktails that complemented the dining experience.

However, it's essential to note that the restaurant has been reported as permanently closed on several platforms​ (Menupix)​. This closure marks the end of an era for a restaurant that had become a staple for Vietnamese dining in Newark, DE. The closure might leave a void for those who frequented the establishment for its distinct offerings and ambiance. Patrons who had found a culinary home at Saigon Vietnam Restaurant would now perhaps seek similar experiences elsewhere, reminiscing about the meals and moments shared within its walls.

As the restaurant landscape continues to evolve, the legacy of places like the Saigon Vietnam Restaurant reminds us of the impact local eateries have on their communities, not just as places to eat but as venues where culture, cuisine, and community meet.



The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant in Newark, DE, enjoyed a certain level of popularity and recognition for its authentic Vietnamese cuisine and creative dishes crafted by its chef and part-owner, Lan Chen. This establishment was a go-to spot for both locals and visitors seeking genuine Vietnamese flavors in the Newark Shopping Center area.

The restaurant's menu, featuring a blend of traditional Vietnamese dishes alongside innovative creations, catered to a wide range of palates and dietary preferences, including vegetarian options. It was known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, which, combined with its culinary offerings, made it a memorable dining spot for many.

Despite its closure, the Saigon Vietnam Restaurant left a lasting impression on its patrons, evident from the discussions and mentions in online foodie communities and review platforms. It was a place where the local community could indulge in exotic Saigon cocktails and a variety of flavorful dishes, contributing to its status as a notable establishment in Newark's dining scene​.



The audience of The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant in Newark, DE, was a diverse group, reflecting the broad appeal of its culinary offerings. This establishment catered to a wide range of patrons, from locals in search of authentic Vietnamese cuisine to visitors eager to explore the flavors of Vietnam through dishes crafted by the skilled hands of chef Lan Chen and the restaurant team. The menu's variety, including vegetarian options and innovative dishes, attracted food enthusiasts with different dietary preferences and culinary tastes.

Given the restaurant's setting in Newark, DE, its clientele likely included university students, families, professionals, and tourists. The university town atmosphere could have contributed to a vibrant, culturally curious crowd, eager to experience the traditional and contemporary Vietnamese dishes that The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant was known for. Additionally, its presence in the Newark Shopping Center positioned it as a convenient dining spot for shoppers and those looking for a casual yet authentic eating experience.

The feedback and reviews left by patrons on various platforms suggest that the restaurant was appreciated for its warm, friendly atmosphere and its commitment to offering genuine Vietnamese culinary experiences. The detailed menu descriptions and the mention of exotic Saigon cocktails indicate an intention to cater to those interested in a deeper exploration of Vietnamese culture through food and drink.

While it's clear that The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant held a special place in the hearts of those who frequented it, the specific demographics of its audience can be inferred based on the typical clientele of local eateries within university towns and shopping centers. These locations often serve as gathering places for a wide-ranging audience, from young adults and students to families and older adults looking for a unique dining experience.


Known For

The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant in Newark, DE, was known for several key aspects that made it stand out in the local dining scene:

  1. Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine: The restaurant was celebrated for offering genuine Vietnamese dishes. The traditional recipes and the culinary expertise of the chef and part-owner, Lan Chen, brought authentic flavors to the patrons, providing them with a taste of Vietnamese culture​​.

  • Innovative Dishes: Beyond traditional offerings, The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant was also recognized for its creative culinary innovations. These dishes, crafted with a unique twist on Vietnamese cuisine, showcased the chef's creativity and skill, inviting diners to explore new flavors and experiences​​.

  • Exotic Saigon Cocktails: The establishment didn't just limit its offerings to food. It was also known for its exotic cocktail creations, such as the Sugar Plum or Lychee Sake-tini. These beverages complemented the dining experience, offering unique drinks that were both refreshing and reflective of Vietnamese flavors​​.

  • Warm and Friendly Atmosphere: The restaurant was appreciated for its inviting ambiance. The warm, friendly environment made guests feel welcome and contributed to an enjoyable dining experience, making it a popular choice for both casual meals and special occasions​​.

  • Vegetarian Options: Acknowledging the diverse dietary preferences of its patrons, The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant offered a selection of vegetarian dishes. This inclusivity ensured that everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions or preferences, could enjoy a meal at the restaurant​​.

In summary, The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant was known for its authentic Vietnamese cuisine, creative dishes, unique cocktails, welcoming atmosphere, and inclusivity in menu options, making it a cherished establishment in Newark, DE's culinary landscape.



The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant was located in the Newark Shopping Center at 207 Newark Shopping Center, Newark, DE, 19711. This location in Newark, DE, positioned the restaurant within a community hub, making it accessible to locals, students, and visitors alike. Being situated in a shopping center likely provided convenience for shoppers and those looking to enjoy a meal out without traveling far from the city's center.



The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant offered a variety of menu items that showcased authentic Vietnamese cuisine along with some unique and creative dishes crafted by the chef and part-owner, Lan Chen. Here's an overview of the types of dishes that were featured on their menu:

  1. Appetizers: Included traditional Vietnamese starters such as Vegetable Dumplings and Shrimp and Pomelo Salad with Shrimp Crackers, highlighting the restaurant's focus on fresh ingredients and flavorful combinations​​.

  • Main Courses: The entrées were a mix of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options, showcasing the diverse culinary landscape of Vietnam. Dishes such as Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp, Mango Fried Rice with Shrimp, Basil Chicken with Eggplant, and Garlic Bean Scallop were among the offerings, catering to various tastes and preferences​​.

  • Vegetarian Options: Reflecting the inclusivity of its menu, the restaurant provided a selection of vegetarian dishes like Curry Tofu and Basil Tofu with Eggplant, ensuring that diners with different dietary requirements could enjoy a meal here​​.

  • Desserts: The menu also featured sweet treats to conclude the meal on a high note, such as Banana Spring Rolls With Ice Cream, blending traditional Vietnamese flavors with a touch of innovation​.

  • Exotic Saigon Cocktails: A highlight of the dining experience was their offering of unique cocktails, including the Sugar Plum and Lychee Sake-tini, which complemented the meals with their exotic flavors​​.

The menu at The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant was carefully curated to offer a blend of traditional Vietnamese flavors and innovative culinary creations, ensuring a memorable dining experience for its patrons.



The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant received mixed reviews from patrons, as indicated by their shared experiences on platforms like Yelp. Here's a summary of some perspectives:

  1. Positive Highlights:

    • Some diners appreciated the unique dishes and the vegetarian options available, showcasing the restaurant's ability to cater to diverse dietary needs.
    • The exotic Saigon cocktails were highlighted for their creativity and flavor.
    • A particular review praised the restaurant for a dish that wasn't typically their go-to at Vietnamese establishments, indicating that even less conventional choices could impress​​.
  • Areas of Improvement:

    • Several reviews mentioned that the food lacked authentic Vietnamese flavor, with specific dishes cited as being too bland or not meeting expectations for traditional Vietnamese cuisine.
    • Concerns were raised about the value for money, with some patrons feeling that the portions did not justify the prices.
    • Customer service and the dining experience received criticism in some instances, affecting the overall satisfaction of those diners​​.

These reviews highlight a range of diner experiences, from those who found delight in the menu's variety and creativity to those who felt improvements could be made in flavor authenticity, portion size, and customer service. Such feedback offers insights into the varied expectations and experiences of patrons visiting The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant.


Cultural & Social Significance

The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant, located in Newark, DE, held cultural and social significance in several ways, reflecting the broader role of ethnic restaurants in local communities and beyond:

  1. Cultural Ambassador: The restaurant served as a cultural ambassador of Vietnam, introducing patrons to authentic Vietnamese cuisine and culinary traditions. Through its menu, The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant offered a window into Vietnamese culture, showcasing traditional dishes and flavors that some diners might not have otherwise experienced. This exposure helps promote cultural understanding and appreciation, bridging gaps between diverse communities.

  2. Social Gathering Place: Situated in the Newark Shopping Center, the restaurant acted as a social hub where people from various backgrounds could come together over a shared love for food. It provided a space for family gatherings, meetings among friends, and casual dining experiences, fostering community connections and creating social bonds.

  3. Innovation and Creativity: By offering a mix of traditional Vietnamese dishes alongside innovative culinary creations, the restaurant contributed to the dynamism of the local food scene. This blend of authenticity and creativity not only enriched the dining options available to patrons but also highlighted the evolving nature of culinary arts, where tradition meets innovation.

  4. Economic Role: As a business, The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant contributed to the local economy by creating jobs, attracting tourists, and participating in the economic exchange within the community. Ethnic restaurants like The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant play a crucial role in the economic fabric of their localities, contributing to the vibrancy and sustainability of the area.

  5. Education and Awareness: Through its offerings, the restaurant also played an educational role, making patrons more aware of the diverse culinary landscape of Vietnam. It served as a point of cultural exchange, where patrons could learn about different ingredients, cooking techniques, and the stories behind various dishes, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of Vietnamese culture.

In summary, The Saigon Vietnam Restaurant in Newark, DE, like many ethnic eateries, held significant cultural and social value, contributing to the local community's diversity and vibrancy. It not only offered a taste of Vietnamese cuisine but also served as a cultural bridge, a gathering spot for social interactions, a showcase of culinary innovation, and a contributor to the local economy, underscoring the multifaceted role of restaurants in enriching their communities.